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Nutritious hot lunches and basic breakfast are provided daily. Lunches are $2.75 (40¢ reduced pay) per day. Extra milk may be purchased on a cash basis for 50¢.

Breakfast will be served each morning from 7:40-8:05 am.  When students arrive at school, those who wish to eat must report directly to the cafeteria.  Students arriving after 8:05 am must eat before coming to school.  Only late bus students will be allowed to eat breakfast before going to class.  All students are required to eat lunch, either one from home or one purchased from school.  Meals from outside vendors are not allowed in the school cafeteria. 

Parents are expected to pay for meals on a weekly or daily basis. (Weekly is preferred.)  Students are discouraged from charging for breakfast or lunch.  If a meal is charged, the student should pay the charge the next day.  If parents do not pay for the charges by the end of the grading period, students' report cards will be held.  Parents are welcome to come to school to eat with their children.  Please call the cafeteria (493-9299) to make reservations so the cafeteria staff will prepare enough food for everyone.

Children who bring lunch from home my bring a carton or plastic bottle of juice or purchase milk in the cafeteria.  Carbonated drinks or glass bottles are not allowed in the cafeteria or in classrooms.

On-line meal pay is available at the following web address:

Application for Free or Reduced Lunch is available in English and Spanish at the following web address:

Lunch and Breakfast menus are provided by Hamilton County Child Nutrition at the following web address:

For more information visit the Hamilton County website at the following web address: