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Subjects Taught
Math, Science


B.S. in communications from Wingate University

Masters in Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga



This is my 10th year in Hamilton County school system and will be my 7th year as a teacher. All of those years have been spent at the best grade in elementary school....4th grade.


I have lived in Chattanooga all my life and most of my family lives here. I love Chattanooga and all that it has to offer. Teaching to me is something that is very special to me. It is a job that I can see the many benefits at the end of the school year or seeing a past student and how far they have come. I also enjoy during my off time is spending time with my daughter Anna and seeing her grow. At the start of the school year she was almost 13 months old. During the fall I like to watch Tennessee football on TV or in person. Watching college football is one of my biggest loves. Looking forward to a another 6-6 year, but I know next year will be great!!