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Supply List 2015 - 2016   


East Ridge Elementary School

5th Grade Supply List

2015 - 2016

Supply Fee - $50.00


The State Textbook Fund makes it possible for Hamilton County Department of Education to furnish free basic textbooks in grades K-12. We must ask for your continued cooperation in helping to provide other instructional materials necessary for your child to do his/her best schoolwork.


No Rolling Backpacks! No Trapper Keepers or Large Notebooks


Your child needs to bring the following items on the first day of school:


1 box of colored pencils

1 box of washable markers

4-6 packages of wooden #2 pencils (students will need a constant supply)

1 pair Fiskar scissors

2 glue sticks

2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

2 rolls of paper towels

4-6 large boxes of tissue

1 zipper pouch for loose items (no boxes due to limited desk space)

4 bound composition books

3 spiral notebooks (1 subject)

2 folders with pockets and prongs

1 ream of copy paper

Post it notes


Girls                                                                                                   Boys

 quart size ziploc baggies                                                              snack size ziploc baggies  

 1 large container of antibacterial wipes (no bleach)                 2 bottles of hand sanitizer  

 Box of band aids                                                                             index cards



Thank you for making every effort to be prepared on the first day of school. Some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year. Most school supply sales begin in July.