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Other Class Info


Everyone loves a party. We will celebrate your child’s birthday on the day of their birthday if it falls on a school day. If not, we will celebrate a weekend birthday on Friday. Summer birthdays will be celebrated on a special day in May.

Birthday treats are welcome in our class. Finger items work the best with a napkin. Cakes are welcome as long as you remember we need plates and forks too. Some parents send ice cream or drinks, but it is not necessary.

You are welcome to come and stay or just sent it to school with your child. Contact me for a birthday celebration time as they may vary depending on other activities planned that day.


The communication folder is important for getting papers home and back to school. I am going to be more organized this year by labeling them. The left pocket is for things that go home and need to come back; like permission slips, IEP notices, fundraisers, homework, and the behavior chart. The middle will have the zipper pouch which is where I want high priority items and money to go. The right pocket is for papers that stay home. This includes newsletters, completed work, reminders, flyers, and similar. These are still important, but should be removed each night. It is

important to check the folder every night.

We teach a routine to the children to be responsible for taking out their folders in the morning and checking them. They also help pack them at the end of the day. You can teach your child to be responsible for their folder at home by putting it in the same spot when they get home until you can go over the things inside. A good place might be the kitchen counter, the dining room table, an end table in the living room. Make it part of their get home routine.


On Mondays you will find in your child’s folder a weekly newsletter that highlights some of the important things we are learning, special events, resources, reminders and so much more. I suggest putting it on the fridge or somewhere you can see it so you will know all that is going on at school.

On Friday, you will get a one page homework paper. This is the same as last year since it works on skills all children can be successful with. Please help your child participate in the weekly activities as independently as possible. I encourage all family members and siblings to participate to help your child build relationships and real life experiences.

If you are unable to help your child complete an activity or if your child struggles with one of the sections, do not worry about completing it, just write a note. Homework is flexible and meant to be fun while meeting the needs of your child.

Homework will be sent home on Fridays so that you have the weekend to complete any of the activities if you choose. Please send back with your child on the following Friday.


There will be several opportunities for parents to volunteer both in and out of the classroom. We have a parent volunteer coordinator Michelle Larson who can find ways you can volunteer.

We love it when parents help for special events like field trips, holiday parties, birthday celebrations, jump rope for heart, field day, and more. If you wish to volunteer in the classroom on a regular basis, please let me know and we can find the best fit.

We also have a fabulous PTA here at ERE. Please consider joining and being a member. During the year there are fundraisers that need your help as well. All funds raised go right back into the classrooms with grants and fun activities for the children. We love the ERE PTA!


Our class rules are simple:

Be kind, be safe, be responsible, listen and follow directions. We teach these as the main rule and give examples while we teach of what that does and doesn’t look like.

Following the rules can be challenging and when the rules are broken, it is a learning opportunity. I like natural consequences whenever possible. An example would be if a child colored on the floor, they would be responsible for cleaning it up. If they do something unsafe (running down the hall), we may have them practice doing it the safe way a couple times (walking back to the beginning and walking to the destination).

The behavior chart is a little different this year with the students taking more responsibility and being consistent with the rest of the school. We will use the colored clip chart. Everyone starts on green every day as ready to learn. They can move up to Blue- Way to go!, Orange – Above and Beyond a Proud Pioneer, and Gold – the outstanding role model. They can also move down to Yellow – Teacher’s choice of a consequence, Red – Stop, think about it, time out or loss of privileges, and Black – Parent contact for behaviors extreme or consistent that need parent contact during the school day. They can earn and lose points anywhere in the school as all teachers know and follow the color chart.


There are a lot of learning skills that take place during snack time such as manners, making choices, sharing, set up and cleaning.

We try to have a snack in the afternoons on most days. Parents may send in items to share with the class. Favorite snacks are finger foods such as pretzels, crackers, chips, dry cereal, goldfish, granola bars, fruit, fruit snacks, and anything else your child like and wants to share with classmates. Please try to send in a shareable snack once per month.