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Supply List 

1 box of colored pencils

1 box of washable markers

4-6 packages of wooden #2 pencils (students will need a constant supply)

1 pair Fiskar scissors

2 glue sticks

2 packs of wide ruled notebook paper

2 rolls of paper towels

4-6 large boxes of tissue

1 zipper pouch for loose items (no boxes due to limited desk space)

4 bound composition books

3 spiral notebooks (1 subject)

2 folders with pockets and prongs

1 ream of copy paper

Post it notes


Girls                                                                                                   Boys

 quart size ziploc baggies                                                              snack size ziploc baggies  

 1 large container of antibacterial wipes (no bleach)                 2 bottles of hand sanitizer  

 Box of band aids                                                                             index cards