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Class Dojo 

This year I will be using a web-based program called ClassDojo to help track students’ behavior. It is an excellent communication tool to help keep parents updated on their child’s behavior.


“What are the benefits of using ClassDojo?”

For teachers: in some classrooms, more than 50% of class time is spent managing behavior rather than delivering instruction; ClassDojo aims to greatly reduce this so teachers can do more teaching and less crowd control!

For students: research suggests the shorter the time period between an action and feedback for that action, the greater is the effect of the reinforcement. Specific positive reinforcement helps students develop a sense of purpose in the classroom, enhancing intrinsic motivation over time. By giving students visibility and data on their own behavior, ClassDojo makes class less disruptive and creates a more positive learning environment.

For parents: ClassDojo makes it easy to engage parents in their child's development, by allowing teachers to provide them with real time data from the classroom - with just one click.


In ClassDojo, students can earn points for positive behaviors such as being on task, following directions, helping others, etc.  Students can also earn negative points for negative behaviors such as being off task, not following directions, etc. Throughout the day I will check in with the students and we will track their points. At the end of the day, the students will convert their ClassDojo points to our class color chart.

20 points and up-orange.

11-19 points-blue.

0-10 points-green.                                          

Negative 1-negative 5 points-yellow.

Negative 6 and less-red.


ClassDojo has a free app you can download on any device! You can also go to and sign in. Once you have joined our class you will be able to check your child’s progress anytime.  Students can create their own account so they can check their own progress as well.  Parents love having instant access to how their child is doing. Another great feature of ClassDojo is the ability for me to send messages to parents.


I hope you will find Class Dojo helpful!