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I am a recent graduate from Covenant College. I earned a degree in Early Childhood Education in May of 2014. I have both a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and an Educational Specialists degree in Educational Leadership from LMU. 


Before completing my degree I was an educational assistant for many years. I have lots of classroom experience and am very excited to put to use everything I have learned from other teachers! I am beginning my third year as a teacher, and in fourth grade! 


I am originally from New Hampshire but have lived tons of places and ended up in Chattanooga! I love teaching, learning, and singing! I feel like I learn from my students as much as I teach them! 

I soent 17 years as an educational assistant before I finished my teaching degree in May 2014. I have spent the last four years in school getting as much education as possible to help me in the classroom! 

I live in Chattanooga with my husband, Hugo, and my step-daughter, Zoe. I also have 2 dogs and a cat! In my spare time I LOVE to cook and try new recipes, buy new makeup, and drink coffee from Starbucks. I also love shoes, shopping spree, and reading.