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We are excited this year to announce new things coming to the library space. As many know, our library is not your traditional space. 
We have been working to transition to a new idea of a Maker-space. If you are unfamiliar with what that means, please ask your student what that means to them. 

A Maker-space means that we take ideas and creativity to learn new things. We might research about planes and then build them to see what works best. Or maybe we learn about fairy tales and then build castles with random objects.

Some cool things that our space offers is our 3D printer, vinyl cutter, kindles and various other new and exciting things. IF you want to learn more about Maker-spaces, check out downtown library's 4th floor.

In other words, the traditional library that might be familiar, looks a lot different now. 

Students are able to check out books every week in the library still. We have thousands of books to select from and encourage students to read as much as possible!

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